[rejected] Jessica Bahchegy

  • Give us a brief description of yourself IRL to begin with, how old you are, where you live, what languages you speak etc.
    I'm Ziya(aka Jessica ingame) Bahchegy, (spelled Bah-Che-G) 18 years old recent graduate (about to start computer engineering in college). I live in Turkey(not affected by anti-islamic and anti-turkish jokes) and can speak English and Turkish fluently.

    Why do you want to join Half Empty, and how did you hear about us? Do you have a relationship with anyone in skill urself already?
    I'd like to be in a decent alliance that i can be useful in and suits my timezone. And no i do not have relationship with any members.

    What was your last corporation, and what were your reasons for leaving?
    Origin. I want to leave because i am having very hard time with USTZ fleets, also they have very low activity. Most new recruits are also comperatively bad.

    How long have you been playing EVE, and what have been up to in that time?
    I have been into EVE since early 2016. Literally 95% of my activity was pvp. I did most kinds of pvp; solo, smallgang, fleets, hunting, roaming, wormhole diving etc. I am mostly into being useful in a group i fly with. As in hunting targets, logi, bubbling and such. I've done a lot of hunting, been with White Sky. and helped them hunt caps and supers.

    How many characters do you have and how are your accounts structured?
    Account 1 has main only https://zkillboard.com/character/96130538/
    Account 2 has dread/fax/secondary dps alt. https://zkillboard.com/character/2112621762/
    Account 2 also has a clean toon i recently created but did not inject in yet.
    Account 3 has cyno/HK/dictor alt. https://zkillboard.com/character/2113024689/
    Account 4 had a HK/logi aswell but it is currently stripped. https://zkillboard.com/character/2112679858/
    Account 5 exists, yet had no toon in it yet, ready to make clean toon.

    How do you fund your PvP?
    I mostly do DEDs and do other kinds of ratting but when i am too short i shoot some plexes.

    Someone pings for a nano-trash "roam" for "fun". What do you bring and how is it fit?
    Nano vigilant.
    Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer,Nanite Repair Paste
    Nanofiber Internal Structure II
    Nanofiber Internal Structure II
    Damage Control II
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

    50MN Microwarpdrive II
    Dread Guristas Warp Disruptor
    Medium Capacitor Booster II,Navy Cap Booster 800
    Federation Navy Stasis Webifier

    250mm Railgun II
    250mm Railgun II
    250mm Railgun II
    250mm Railgun II
    250mm Railgun II

    Medium Auxiliary Thrusters II
    Medium Ancillary Current Router I
    Medium Auxiliary Thrusters II

    What do you think of Fozzie Sov?
    Not better than old style sov, but not a whining reason.

    Have you ever held hands with a girl?
    Yes, had an Indian girlfriend. Broke up a few months ago.

  • skilled urself

    This app is very anemic, I need to you to expand on your answers more, or add new things. Tell us more about yourself IRL and try to describe your eve "career" since the beginning. Where you started and what you did along the way.

    I need especially to write more about how you heard about us, what you think we are like both culturally, content wise and how we operate. Whats your overall impression and why does it appeal to you enough that you want to join etc. Also why you want to join Half Empty over the other corps.

  • Well, in IRL i am/was a student living in a small town in east Turkey, in family of 4. I had exams 2 weeks ago, so wasnt too active in EVE due to that. I'm planning to get in a computer engineering college. Will start learning computer languages soon.

    Okay get ready, i am about to write a book about my EVE history.
    Started as Caldari i wanted to get right away into pvp, went to amarr space, tried FW there, failed, returned to Gallente space (everyshore at first) met a guy named Jan Morgenstern that is a SC member, he taught me some things, then he kicked me out of his home system so i found another home. i did pvp quite a long time there, then i met Spectre Fleet, learned fleet fight basics and did alot of fleets with them and Bombers Bar. Then i met another SC member, he taught me the basics of hotdropping and stuff. Hunting mostly. Then i went back to Amarr space, but genesis this time instead of TBL. hunted around there with a stratios, for like a month. Then someone in ChaosTheory invited me to their corp. I joined to try out how living in null is like. 2 months of fleet fights and capfights and then i returned Genesis and joined White Sky., old LSH members, hunted with them, learned hunting caps and supers. After a few months with WSK. i had to leave the game due to exams, so i gave an 6 months break. While studying to exam i was still checking killboard and reddit, so that is how i heard about you guys. Like 2 months to exam i wanted to join you, because you guys had quite eliteness about what you do, culturally good fights, killing and/or hunting caps and supers, hotdropping and fleet fights. Those are what i'm most specialised in. So i contacted someone in skill urself and asked what i should do, he said i should be active first, if i am active it'll be a plus for me, so i should spend some time in something like snuffed out. I picked Black Legion for 2-3 weeks. The USTZ fleets hurt me a bit since i had to wake up at 3 am everyday, also some new recruits werent really good enough for my likings, specially after helping 3Better hunt supers around. Now as i am going to be active EUTZ wise for at least 4 years, activity should be no issue anymore.
    Also i am a personal Capqu fanboi :p

  • west turkey***

  • skilled urself

    You seem alright but from I doubt you would be a good cultural fit, you also don't seem exceptional at eve that would put you in the no vouch category that could still get in. Have fun in Nancydot.

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